Finigan Color & Interiors specializes in design both elegant and comfortable, with a classic eye and quality materials. Services include color consulting and interior decoration and design.


We provide color selection services for businesses and individuals, including brand identity, exteriors and interiors, furnishings, and materials. Color is a defining element of your business or house, and it is worthwhile to choose wisely. Choice of color will make little or no difference to the cost of a project, but an unfortunate choice will be either an eyesore for years, or cost greatly in labor and materials to refinish.


Finigan Color offers design that is unaffected and perennially fashionable, appreciating the best in every style and period. Comfort, function, and charm are integral to our style, and we employ finishes and materials of integrity and high quality. Materials need not be the most expensive, but should endure and not poison their environment. The most sustainable design is one that does not need constant replacement.

We have a particular interest in historical, rustic, or unusual buildings, working to retain the original while updating for modern life.

About the Principal

Emily Finigan has a Bachelor of Arts in Modern European History from Wesleyan University, and a Master’s Degree in Interior Design from Drexel University. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she worked at various cultural and artistic institutions in the city before becoming a designer, including Willow & Reed, a high end flower shop at 16th and Pine where color and beauty were a daily joy. After graduating from Drexel, she worked at the firm of Brett Webber Architects in Philadelphia for five years, on both residential and commercial projects.