Exhibit and Display

DESIGN PHILADELPHIA Display designed for a 2016 Design Philadelphia event at stadler-Kahn.  Finigan Color and stadler-Kahn invited Andrew Baseman, Set Designer for Gotham and Eat, Pray, Love, among others, to join us from New York and present his world-renowned collection of antiques with inventive repairs, also known as “make-do’s”.  Baseman’s collection has been featured in the New York Times Home & Garden section, and can be seen in his weekly blog: http://andrewbaseman.com/blog/ Photographs of Andrew's collection were used to make 2-Dimensional models which stood in for the original pieces, and Andrews talk was a great success. The intimate environment made for a relaxed talk and discussion and Andrew took many questions from the audience, often using the display as a reference. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB This display was designed for an art exhibit at the Cosmopolitan Club in center city Philadelphia. Lightweight inserts were custom-made for two vitrines, in shapes and colors that would best display the variety of forms of the handmade jewelry on display.